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With over 850 million people suffering from hunger worldwide we believe food banks are an essential part of the solution for alleviating hunger and improving food security. Through training, sharing of best practices, building relationships with the global food and grocery industry, leveraging our resources, and bringing together a global community, GFN is ensuring more communities are using the powerful solution of food banking to feed the hungry.

Supporting and Enhancing Existing Food Banks and Food Bank Networks

Medellin - Chris and Bob - What We Do
The late Bob Forney and Chris Rebstock of GFN with staff members of the Fundación SACIAR - Banco de Alimentos de Medellìn in Colombia.

GFN is dedicated to helping existing food bank systems broaden their operations, increase impact, and deliver more food to more hungry people. To do this GFN establishes and maintains strong partnerships with the global grocery products industry, the broader NGO community, global philanthropic resources, and others focused on reducing hunger and improving nutrition. We leverage these partnerships to deliver resources that expand the reach and improve the effectiveness of existing food bank systems.

In these projects, GFN provides more limited project management, supporting efforts to bring scale to food banks or food bank networks, new or more established. The goal of these projects is to expand the resources available to food banks in order to allow them to reach more hungry people.

In a typical Capacity Building Project, GFN provides training materials to bolster the food bank's knowledge and gives advice drawing on our expertise in food banking. GFN staff members may occasionally participate in various meetings and planning discussions remotely. The Network Development Team may also make visits to assist with key deliberations and/or meetings as needed. In-country champions and key leaders of the food bank systems are also encouraged to attend the Food Bank Leadership Institute to equip them with the necessary knowledge to assist with GFN's work in their country.

Working Collaboratively to Create New Food Bank Systems

Chris Rebstock visits Paraguay
Christopher Rebstock meeting with members of the Fundacion Bancos de Alimentos in Paraguay.

GFN is involved in a number of projects aimed at creating food banks where they do not exist. GFN works within a country to introduce the food banking concept to key leaders in all three sectors (public, private, and civil society), conduct a feasibility analysis, convene a broad based planning forum, and build a business plan and resource development strategy to launch food bank operations.

GFN participates in New Food Bank Creation projects in 3 different ways: working as the primary initiator, working with an in-country champion, and working alongside another NGO in order to build new food banks.

In those situations where GFN is the primary initiator of the creation of a food bank, we are on the ground to oversee the development process, and provides the knowledge, experience, and expertise for successful outcomes both in person and remotely. 

When GFN works with an in-country champion, which can be an existing coalition of NGOs, government entities, or private citizens, it provides more limited project management, supporting efforts to create a new food bank system rather than driving the process itself.

As GFN grows and expands, our members often field requests for assistance from neighboring countries. When our members work to bring food banks to new countries, GFN is often called on to provide advice, training materials and experience to help facilitate the creation of a new food bank.

In all projects, new food bank operations are managed and owned by local leadership, and receive ongoing support from GFN after the food bank system begins operations.

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