Triple Gift Match

Triple Gift Match 60%

Exciting Million Dollar Fundraising Opportunity

Triple Gift Match

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An anonymous donor intends to match all qualified* gifts to GFN at a ratio of 2 to 1. This means that for each dollar contributed, GFN is eligible to receive an additional two dollars to support our mission.

Especially Now, Every Dollar Makes a Difference in the Fight against Hunger

Your gift, along with the match donation, will go a very long way in helping us nourish more people around the world. It will enable GFN to:

  • accelerate our work to solve national and local hunger problems;
  • mobilize more resources including food, funds, and volunteers to support GFN’s network of food banks around the world;
  • expand successful programming in areas such as food rescue, nutrition and nutrition education, and children and family services;
  • educate, train and mentor those who develop and operate food banks around the world through on-site training and at GFN’s Food Bank Leadership Institute; and
  • educate thought leaders, policy makers and communities about the role food banks play in feeding hungry people and reducing food waste. 

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Triple Gift Match Details:

The Triple Gift Match applies to funds donated to GFN between January 1 and June 30, 2014. The maximum amount of the matching grant from the anonymous donor is US$700,000. GFN must raise US$350,000 to reach the US$700,000 maximum match.

Combined these funds will total more than 1 million dollars, a sum that will be “transformational” according to Jeff Klein, GFN’s President and CEO.

“We are enormously grateful to this anonymous global philanthropist who cares so deeply about our mission to alleviate hunger and reduce food waste and believes in the powerful solution of food banking. This Triple Gift Match will advance GFN’s work to nourish people, strengthen communities, and protect our environment," said Klein.

What is a Qualified* Gift?

In order to qualify for the match, donations must be unrestricted and come from one of three sources: new donors, increases from current donors over their 2013 giving level, and returning donors who did not contribute to GFN in 2013.

Please contact Timothy Hammerly or Cathe Wood for additional information.

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