Corporate and Foundation Partnerships

Corporate and Foundation SupportersWe value all of our corporate and foundation partners. The support of these generous organizations makes possible our work to alleviate hunger around the world by developing new food bank networks and supporting food banks.

Become a Corporate or Foundation Partner

The Global FoodBanking Network is a leading global organization in the fight to end hunger. We are dedicated to creating sustainable solutions, building efficient private and public partnerships, and establishing environmentally-friendly alternatives to surplus food and grocery product disposal.

Become a Financial Partner

The Global FoodBanking Network thanks the many Financial Partners who have contributed to help make possible our work to bring food to hungry people around the world.

If your corporation or foundation is interested in joining us to fight hunger and make the world a better place, please contact Director of Donor Relations, Cathe Wood to assist you.

Become a Product Partner

Each year, billions pounds of safe food and grocery products are removed from circulation. Without intervention, these items would be thrown away and wasted. With your help, GFN can get these products to people in need. Much perishable food also goes to waste. With the help of manufacturers, grocery stores and restaurants, food banks can get much-needed food to women’s shelters, after school feeding programs, programs for the homeless and more.

National food bank networks and their member food banks in countries across six continents are acquiring and distributing food and grocery products to help those in their countries each and every day. Food and GroceryCorporate partners and government agencies are crucial to this process. 

Food bank networks and their member food banks adhere to the same food safety guidelines that grocery retailers, food manufacturers, and restaurants must follow. Food and grocery products that are donated are carefully handled and tracked throughout the distribution process, so that product retrieval is possible in the event of a recall.

If your corporation is interested in becoming a product partner in our efforts, please contact Network Development Manager and Food Sourcing Specialist, Tony Kitchen.

Employee Engagement and Volunteer Opportunities

Engage your employees and make a difference. Volunteers are invaluable to food banks. Organize employees for group volunteer experiences, or encourage them to volunteer on their own. GFN can help you connect to local food banks and develop employee engagement programs in the countries you do business. 

Thank you for your interest in The Global FoodBanking Network and alleviating hunger around the world.

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